Shutting down the inner critic with strategies for self love and acceptance

Shutting down your inner critic

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Let’s chat about something we’ve all dealt with from time to time and some of us (like me) more than others . I’m talking about that nagging roommate in our heads, aka the inner critic. You might even like to give her a name as your alter ego. But guess what? Today, we’re gonna show that critic the exit door to make room for self-love vibes. So, grab your favourite drink, find a comfy posi, and let’s dive into some strategies to shut down that noisy critic and turn up the self-love volume!

Meet Your Noisy Roommate The Inner Critic

You know the one—the voice that loves to chime in with doubts, critiques, and not-so-friendly reminders. The voice that’s so well rehearsed you might not even notice it’s there anymore. Well, it’s time to give it marching orders and replace those negative snipes with self-love and compassion.

4 steps to silence the Inner Critic

1. Name that Voice:

First things first, let’s give that inner critic a name. When you can identify it, you can start showing it the doo

2. Flip the Script with Affirmations:

  • Time to rewrite the script. Write down positive affirmations that kick negativity to the curb. Repeat them until they’re your new mantra.

3. Surround Yourself with Positivity:

  • Create an environment that radiates positivity. Surround yourself with people and things that lift you up. Our Worthy AF community is perfect for that!

4. Treat Yourself Like Your BFF:

  • Imagine your best friend going through what you are. How would you treat her? Now, treat yourself the same. You’re just as worthy of love and care.

Your Inner Critic Silencing Playlist

  1. “I am Enough”

    • Repeat after me, “I am enough just as I am.
  2. “Progress Over Perfection”

    • Embrace progress. Perfection is overrated.
  3. “I Choose Love”

    • In every situation, choose love—especially for yourself.

Closing Thoughts: Silence the Critic, Amp Up the Love

As we wrap up, let’s remember that silencing the inner critic is a journey, not a sprint. It’s okay to stumble, but it’s even cooler to pick yourself up and keep going.

Your Next Moves:

  1. Give Your Inner Critic a Name:

    • What’s the name of your inner critic? Share it with the tribe! Mine’s Ingrid the Inner Critic
  2. Craft Your Affirmation:

    • Create a self-love affirmation that speaks to you. Bonus points if you share it with us!
  3. Spread the Love:

    • Share this post with someone who needs a reminder that they’re worthy of all the love and kindness. OMG we all need more cheerleaders in our life, especially when we’re just learning the ropes of doing it for ourselves. So spread the love and share this with a woman who you know needs to hear this today.

So, my lovely, let’s hit mute on that inner critic and pump up the volume on the Inner Cheerleader instead. Remember, you’re worthy, you’re amazing, and you’ve got a whole tribe of women seriously cheering you on!

Until next time, love yourself fiercely like you’re the most important woman in the world.

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