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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some Q&A's we prepared earlier. If you can't find what you're looking for submit your question at the bottom of this page.

How do I become a Member?

Becoming a member is easy breezy lemon squeezy! All you need to do is click on any of the yellow buttons that say "JOIN US TODAY" and follow the easy steps to get started on your Worthy AF triumphant journey.

Is there a membership fee and what's included?

There's an annual membership fee, which can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly and this grants you VIP access to our Worthy AF Group Coaching & Community, PLUS exclusive Member Only discounts on Events, Courses and Merchandise.

Do I have to become a member?

You can attend our events without being a Member - however our Members get Member Only Discounts on our events, courses, coaching and merchandise.

Can I join if I'm not in Northside Brisbane

Great question sista and yes you can! Whilst most of our in-person events will be based in Northside Brisbane, our community is online for you to access from wherever you are. Whether you're in Northside Brisbane or anywhere else in the world, you're welcome to join our empowering sisterhood and get the most out of our online events, group coaching, and our Worthy AF community where you get to connect with a like-minded sisterhood who you can lean on for support, and to keep you motivated, inspired and reaching your worthy AF potential.

What kind of events can I expect?

Well there will be some like you've never seen before! You can expect an eclectic and delicious mix of high vibe dance parties, markets from local biz owners, cool AF workshops, nourishing meditation circles, group hypnotherapy to expand your mind and so much more as the club evolves over time and you tell us what you want more of!

How active is the online community, and what can I share?

Our online community is a safe space to connect, share and support your fellow Worthy AF sistas and also, have some fun!!! You'll be invited to share your wins, the challenges you're facing and anything else you feel comfortable with. It will be up to you how much you engage and participate in the group, but we would love our Members to participate and support each other as much as possible to make it the most supportive AF community around.

I'm not very outgoing, can I still join in?

Absolutely my friend! Our events will include a mix of different formats to suit most people. Whether you're outgoing or more reserved, you'll find something in our community and events that totally resonates with you and your kinda vibe.

Is the Worthy AF Club affiliated with a specific religion or political stance?

No way! This is neutral ground babe and FYI that's what we encourage from our members too. Our focus is on empowerment, self-love, and sisterhood. And whilst we welcome diverse perspectives and backgrounds, we don't promote or align with one particular stance.

What if it's not my vibe after joining?

Fair question. We want you to feel at home, and comfortable, but we also understand it might not be the perfect fit for everyone, even though we'll be doing our best to ensure you get the best experience possible. But if it isn't your jam, then of course, you're free to leave. But if you choose to leave, you will be leaving behind the community hub, the monthly content and replays, and you'll forfeit the Member Discounts on Events, Merchandise and Courses.

Can't find an answer to your question?

We'd love to answer it for you personally. Just click below to get started.


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