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Amanda Cremonini, Founder the Worthy AF Club
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Meet your Squad Leader, Amanda Cremonini

Meet Amanda, Your Imperfectly Perfect Squad Leader

Hey there, gorgeous! I’m Amanda, your imperfectly perfect Squad Leader at the Worthy AF Club.

I’m a former Personal Trainer, and ran my biz IntoFitness for 8 years before becoming a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist in Nov 2021.

To date, I’ve spent over 10 years helping incredible women just like you to become the healthy, happy woman you deserve to be, most powerfully when they improve the relationship they have with themselves. 

Self love and acceptance sits at the core of most things we want in life: more confidence, better relationships, more joy and abundance.  Without self love and acceptance, we can find ourselves stuck in negative thought loops and unhealthy coping mechanisms that just keep us stuck in I’m Not Good Enough Syndrome.

At the time of writing this, I’m knocking on the door of 50, and I’ve been through so many of my own challenges including recovery from a decade-long battle with bulimia, high-functioning anxiety, and a near mental breakdown which all stemmed from a lack of self worth. My mission? To create a vibrant sisterhood where every woman feels seen, heard, and empowered to embrace her unique, unapologetic Worthy AF self.

As a recovering perfectionist overachiever, I’ve learned the hard way that our flaws are what make us unique and human, and self-love and acceptance is the ultimate key to inner happiness and an abundant life. 

Whether we’re strutting down the runway of life or diving into the depths of personal development, I’m here to guide you with my personal experience, a mixed bag of professional skills and magic, my genuine care for people, and a touch of sass.

So, lovely, let’s kick self-doubt to the curb where it belongs, own our unique brand of who we are, and become the fierce, free, and undeniably Worthy AF women we’re destined to be. Welcome to the squad! 💖👑✨

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Join me over 7 days as I drop into your ear canals with daily motivational and inspiring audio messages that will kickstart your attitude for more confidence and plant the seeds for greater self love and compassion. 

Unlock the secret to worthy AF confidence today!

PS: Your mind is always responding to the messages it receives. So let’s change up the message to something that can truly transform your life!

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